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Career Advancement Services

Deborah Holmen, LLC provides career advancement services including agenting clients on social media platforms from Podcasts, TV Interviews, Speaking Engagements, and webinar-style engagements. The company offers event acquisition, event logistics, and travel coordination.


Ben Angel speaking to an audience at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa, Florida.

“My bestselling book, “Unstoppable” that’s now sold over 60,000 copies wouldn’t have achieved the success it has without the critical scientific input and knowledge Deborah Holmen has shared with me over the past three years. She has highlighted my work by booking speaking engagements, securing podcasts and radio interviews internationally, helping with event logistics, and coordinating my travel in the U.S. I can’t overstate just how much of a key role Deborah has played in helping me be introduced to the U.S marketplace. Her work helps me to educate people in the field of mental health. As a result, we’ve changed tens of thousands of lives for the better and helped people who felt like they had nothing to live for. I will continue to work with her for years to come.”

Ben Angel, speaking at the Oxford Exchange, for his best selling book, Unstoppable, in Tampa, Florida, 2019

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