I know it takes guts to take the first step to get your health and wellbeing back. Here at The Biohackers' Space, I believe that knowledge is power and having someone that has gone through it, and believes that you can too, can make all the difference in your success.

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Phone/ Skype Consult

Questions? Not Sure How To Get Started? I'm Only A Call Away!

Sometimes starting a new way of eating leaves you with so many questions. I have worked with many women that felt so empowered knowing I was only a phone call away. 

See times available, go to Book Online.

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Personal Pantry Overhaul

Empower Yourself With A Kitchen Pantry Overhaul With Up To 3 Friends

I team up with you in your own kitchen's pantry to revamp traditional foods and ingredients that reflect this new healthy way of eating.

I'll show you the hidden foods we should all avoid, teach you substitutes in favorite family dishes, and guide you on how to shop for Keto and Fasting foods. 

I will be overhauling your Fridge, Food Pantry, and food cabinets, so please have these areas accessible. 

This isn't a cleaning service, yet I'll be tagging items that are: Keto Friendly, Eat in Moderation, Or Not Keto Friendly. Many of my clients have donated Unacceptable foods to local foods banks after my visit. 

I can take small groups up to 3 people if you all want to learn together at one location. Only one house per Kitchen Pantry Overhaul.

25 miles radius at regular fee.  
Further distances will be negotiated with a deposit.


Personal Keto Grocery Shopping Consult

Shopping for Keto Doesn't Have to Be Overwhelming: Let's Do It Together

Grocery shopping for a new way of eating doesn't have to be overwhelming. Let me guide you through to help you find all the foods that will help you get your body back without sacrifice!

We meet at your favorite grocery store, and I show you how and where to find all of the Keto friendly foods. We will discuss favorite family foods and make them Keto friendly. 

You will receive a free Keto Friendly Food Shopping List to customize as we walk through the store together. I go through every section to discuss pitfalls and myths on foods you may have chosen in the past. I also take pictures of items for a future shopping time that you can refer to that helps you find items we may have discussed. If you don't want a digital version, I can provide you with a detailed list of foods to have on hand. 

The time for this experience does vary, so please come prepared with as many questions as possible. I will make sure you will leave with all the information you need to make Keto shopping easier. 

This is a One-On-One experience so I can custom design your Keto Way of Eating just for you. Please have friends meet up for their own session, or schedule a Pantry Overhaul for up to 3 people.

Not sure which service best fits your needs, feel free to contact us.

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