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More Than Words

Eat, Pray, Love meets 50 Shades of Gray

(In development) In a lucid dream, Deborah saw her future unfold not knowing what impact this dream would have on her relationships and future career. She knew she only had one chance to start living the life she was meant to have, but the twists and turns that occur turn her world upside-down. 


Ridding herself of her 20-year marriage, Deborah finds love and realizing everyone in her life is there for a reason. Deborah shares deep intimate moments of letting herself go emotionally, physically and awakening to her purpose in life, though realizing not everyone is on the same path. 

Trash of Angels

(In Development)

1953, Crescent Glen, South Carolina –


13-year-old Avery Booth is rescued by Barnaby Holmes, a mysterious Negro garbage man whose past and secrets may be the only thing between saving the town of Crescent Glen from its own demise.


Award winner- Algonquin Writers Conference, 2011

Churchill's Raven

(In development)

WWII, England- 16-year-old, Jimmy Booth rescues an injured Raven harvested for a special secret mission for Winston Churchill. With the help of Gwendolyn Beaumont, a young aviatrix, they head out to save the Ravens at the Tower of London to keep a legend alive.


Award Winner, Nevada Arts Council Artist Fellowship, 2004, Honors YA Novel

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