The Karate Kid meets The Giver

A teenager convicted of shooting his best friend is given a second chance by attending a revolutionary and rigorous new mental and physical training program taught by a private company called, The Genesis Foundation. 

FORGED IN IRON (Working Title)

Based on a True Story

(In Development)

1863 Beaumont, South Carolina- 

What lengths would you go for freedom? Two sisters frantically flee the Union soldiers advance, leaving their plantation home in the hands of an unlikely caretaker; their slave woman. The rest is a story of a young black woman being tested to find her greatness within. 


What lengths would you go to find the truth?

(In Development)

Rachel Patterson knew the tests her students were taking seemed irregular and odd until one of them goes missing. Rachel races against the clock to discover a secret government conspiracy putting her students and her life at risk. 

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