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During my 25 years in academia, I have been writing content since 2001 in the areas of Historical Fiction, medical research writing, and website content. My research content spans from health and wellness, chronic illnesses, neurosciences, epigenetics, NLP, to biohacking, and mental health on many platforms. I have written for a major magazine, as well as Ghost Write for VIP contributors and authors. I also offer editing or content writing. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss my rates and timelines for your next project. 


Ben Angel for Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind & Body For Success, and the newly released, Mind Control: Biohack Your Mind, Weight and Immune System Through Nutritional Psychology and Your Gut Microbiome 

Stephane and Shalee Schafeitel for Master Your Mindpower

Content: Facebook, Entrepreneur Magazine, blog sites, and various health and wellness platforms, and ghostwriting. 

My Book: The Biohackers Guide to Keto &Fasting for Women Over 40: RediscoverYour Body's Intuition On What and When to Eat

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