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Deborah Holmen, LLC is an American research writer with 25 years of experience in academia and writing.


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How the Science of Keto & Fasting is Changing Lives


Ben Angel, Author, Entrepreneur

“My bestselling book, “Unstoppable” that’s now sold over 60,000 copies wouldn’t have achieved the success it has without the critical scientific input and knowledge Deborah Holmen has shared with me over the past three years. She has highlighted my work by booking speaking engagements, securing podcasts and radio interviews internationally, helping with event logistics, and coordinating my travel in the U.S. I can’t overstate just how much of a key role Deborah has played in helping me be introduced to the U.S marketplace. Her work helps me to educate people in the field of mental health. As a result, we’ve changed tens of thousands of lives for the better and helped people who felt like they had nothing to live for. I will continue to work with her for years to come.”"...the real proof this diet has made a positive impact on my life came today. I received my blood work for my wellness exam today. I am happy to report; all my blood work came back perfect. Also, due to the weight I lost, I am now getting a discount on my health insurance premium! Debbie, I do not know how to express how thankful I am for you, your friendship and knowledge. I thank you for introducing me to Keto and allowing me to join such a fabulous support group."

Yoga by the Pool

Melissa B.

I was hoping to achieve a weight loss of a few pounds, in which I had success at losing about 4lbs to 5lbs. I was also able to learn about a completely different eating lifestyle that keeps me on track better than an old-fashioned diet. I have also learned a lot about intermittent fasting. I started off with an 18-6 window, and now I have been doing 14-10 window since I am at the weight I want to be with no hunger issues during my fasting periods. Debbie taught me how to supplement with tea or bone broth and even some carbonated water to get me through the hungry periods, and that has also been a success as well. I would never have tried this on my own, but having Debbie walk me through it, has been a smooth transition to a healthier lifestyle for myself.


Elycia H.

My goal was to achieve weight loss (aren't we less bloating, feel healthier & not so tired all the time. I was hoping for my cellulite to go away for good... My Results: I lost all the weight I had gained this year within in three weeks! I followed a low carb, no sugar way of eating, and did the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting window, working out 20 - 30 minutes 5 days a week. I even had some low carb beers and vodka on the weekends. Still figuring out some quirks with my bloating and waiting for the rest of my cellulite to visit someone, else but I feel so much better! I can't wait to see what will keep happening to my body for good. I'm so thankful for Debbie and showing me that there was something else out there that can be a lifestyle change for good. I don't feel as stressed making sure I got my crazy workouts in just trying to sustain. Now I am truly living life.


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