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Deborah, in silhouette, jumping for joy in the sunset

My writing asks those many questions we have about the human spirit, why we get lost, and find meaning along the way.



Welcome to my corner of the internet. I am Deborah Holmén, a writer and author specializing in personal growth books and articles on mental health and wellness. With over 25 years of experience as a teacher, I bring a unique perspective on the human experience and relationships. From parenting tips to personal development, my content is here to help you lead a happier and healthier life.

For years, I have been exploring the intersection of health and wellness, using my writing skills to help others heal. I have ghostwritten for an award-winning biohacker and helped shed light on various mental health and wellness topics. As a result of my work, I have a deep understanding of the most effective techniques for promoting mental health and wellness. I draw on this experience to create content that is informative, useful, and actionable. If you are looking to improve your mental health or deal with problems like anxiety or depression, I am confident that I can help.

In my insightful and unconventional memoir, “It Takes A Lot of Sh*t to Grow Beautiful Flowers: A Gardener’s Guide to Life,” I teach you that despite the challenges we face in life, it is possible to find guidance toward growth and beauty through Mother Nature and a positive attitude. Through my experiences as a teacher, parent, and daughter, I share a unique perspective on life, demonstrating how even the most challenging and unpleasant elements can be transformed into something beautiful and meaningful. With my wisdom and wit, this book offers you the key takeaways to cultivate a beautiful life. Just as any plant can thrive with proper care and attention, you should have the opportunity to succeed regardless of your circumstances.

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