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My writing asks those many questions we have about the human spirit, why we get lost, and find meaning along the way.

Growing up in suburban Pennsylvania with her twin brother and older sister, Deborah never thought writing would become her passion. She attended the University of Maryland, graduating with a degree in Education, and immediately moved to Reno, Nevada.

It wouldn't be until 2001 that she found her passion for writing after a very prophetic dream. Three months later, she would fly to London to continue research on Churchill's Raven, her first novel. Her manuscript would receive her first award by the Nevada Arts Council Fellowship Competition as the first YA novel to receive an Honors in historical fiction. Deborah has won over eight awards for her various novels and screenplays. 


Deborah's 25 in academia exposed her to the fascinating world of the brain's neurophysiology and how its knowledge can profoundly impact the students and teachers she trained. In 2017, she met Ben Angel, a best-selling author, and Entrepreneur. They began working together with Deborah becoming his copy editor and then Scientific Research Writer with his first biohacking book, Unstoppable: A 90-day Plan to Biohack Your Mind & Body For Success, and then their second book, due out in January 2021, Mind Control: Biohack Your Mind, Weight, and Immune System Through Nutritional Psychology and Your Gut Microbiome. Here she found herself on a path to health and wellness by becoming a certified Life Coach, as well as becoming Certified in Nutritional Psychology. She shares on her Blog the many paths to wellness through her intensive medical research and helps her clients pay attention to what their body needs to help them regain their life back.


Deborah has several works in progress. When not writing, you can find her laughing until she cries with her sweetheart, Rich, taking adventures in their motorhome, Windswept, and cheering on her daughter, Paige recently graduated from Brandeis University. Deborah will be launching her newest blog, My Windswept RV Life, in the Spring of 2021.

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