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It Takes A Lot of Sh*t to Grow Beautiful Flowers: 
A Gardener's Guide to Life

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Green Watercolor Floral Wellness Book Co
Green Watercolor Floral Wellness Book Co
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In her insightful and unconventional memoir, It Takes A Lot of Sh*t to Grow Beautiful Flowers: A Gardener's Guide to Life, author Deborah Holmén teaches us that despite the challenges we face in life, it is possible to find guidance towards growth and beauty through Mother Nature and a positive attitude. Through her experiences as a teacher, parent, and daughter, Holmén shares a unique perspective on life, demonstrating how even the most difficult and unpleasant elements can be transformed into something beautiful and meaningful. With her wisdom and wit, this book offers readers the key takeaways to cultivate a beautiful life. Just as any plant can thrive with proper care and attention, any person should have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their circumstances.

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