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  • Writer's pictureDeborah Holmén

Forget New Year's Resolutions! Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide

By Deborah Holmén

Published in Change Becomes You

It is the time of the year when everyone reflects on the past year, the holidays, and how quickly another year is ending. This can cause a lot of anxiety that many people don't want to face. But what if we faced it the way Mother Nature does?

Over the past three years, many of us have returned to a simpler lifestyle due to the pandemic. We have found comfort in activities such as baking sourdough bread, working from home, and wearing comfortable clothing. The need for self-care inspired these changes as we all tried to adjust to this new way of life. New Year's Resolutions are being revamped as some turn to nature for answers.

Using the seasons as a framework for personal growth can have numerous benefits. By embracing the changes and opportunities each season brings, individuals can cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement and development. Just as nature experiences cycles of growth, rest, and renewal, so too can we adapt and evolve through the seasons of our lives.

Let’s explore how incorporating a seasonal approach to personal growth can lead to positive transformation and abundant possibilities.


Winter often brings thoughts of hibernation, cold temperatures, and frosty landscapes to mind. It’s a season that many people associate with slowing down and staying indoors. However, if we shift our perspective, we can see that winter is a time of immense growth and opportunity. Just like nature, which uses this season to rejuvenate and prepare for the blooming months ahead, we, too, can embrace the winter as a time for personal growth.


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