• Deborah Holmén

Can You Get Your Body Back After 50? Part 4: The Whole Mind, Body, Soul Experience.

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

It took 3 years to complete this mind, body, soul journey!

Writing down every physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual discourse in my life was the beginning of my transformation. I had to look at all aspects of my life to see how they were interconnected. Typically when we feel discomfort, pain, or negativity, we numb it with drugs, alcohol, overwork, lash out and blame someone else, or ignore it. This is a state of blindly avoiding our own pain. It's too painful to go there!"

But what if everything that was displayed on my list was how I was reacting to my life? The interconnectedness between my body and my beliefs made me delve further into the causation of my disease.

The body demonstrates 'dis-ease' by giving warning signals; headaches, joint aches, stomach issues, weight gain, skin eruptions, etc. If these "warnings" go unchecked, it can develop into something more chronic; inflammation, irritable bowels, food sensitivities, diabetes, migraines, weight gain, ovarian cysts, heart issues, thyroid issues, and the list goes on.

Only a mere 4% of the American population are born with a genetic disease, so we have to look closer at the onset of illness as a psychosomatic response from within our environment and our body. Modern medicine in the United States, although revolutionary in its technology and sciences, is not effieciently translating down to the individual citizen due to bureaucratic financial strain, as well as lack of a sustainable delivery system. So we have to become our own 'biohacker.' You already know the answers to your issues, but it's facing them that will be the hardest step.

Again, this is a Body approach to healing, but it's not really where we should start.

My wake-up call to this revelation was when I finally met with a doctor of functional medicine. I had full body hives for several months and was put on Prednisone multiple times, saw many specialists that only speculated why I had hives. This doctor told me very bluntly that I was not happy in my marriage, and I needed a divorce. This was in the first five minutes of meeting me. He explained the stress manifested itself into hives. At first, I denied it, but then my wheels began to turn. He was 100% correct. I had been living in fear for MUCH too long and needed to get real with myself.

I was married for 18 years. Issues emerged early on in the relationship, yet I kept plugging along thinking, if I loved him more, he'd want to change. Yes, I know the operative word there, "change," but for who? My Catholic upbringing kept me trudging through it, as well as hearing all of my life that marriage was "hard."

I tried to keep it going for our daughter's sake, thinking once she was in college I'd leave if things didn't change. However, my body was slowly showing signs of distress, and I was the one needing to change.

The doctor's diagnosis was that first "push" into finding my Path. I had just finished reading Gary Zukav's book, The Seat of the Soul, after watching him speak on Oprah years prior, and his words resonated in my heart. We are whole and complete Souls on a journey learning the lessons necessary to become our higher self. We aren't here to change others but work on ourselves first. This emotional awareness is key to our growth, but how do we develop it?

Being aware of the physical pain we have in our bodies when we become angry, jealous, hurt, sad, depressed is the first step.

I learned through Zukav's words to be aware of the physical pain within our body when we experience negativity. This will show us what we really fear.

The foundation of every single negative emotion is fear, and Zukav explains that the pain will tell you what you're afraid of. For example, I would get a painful sensation in my throat, stomach and heart area when my husband would get mad. These are our emotional centers in our body. My throat showed me I was not being heard or understood. My gut was my power center, and I was allowing my husband to take away my power. My heart center was demonstrating my need to be loved, and I feared I was not lovable.

These 'warning signals,' left unchecked will eventually manifest into a disease. I could see I had a lot of lung/breathing issues as a child. My lungs told me that even when I was a young girl my opinions, thoughts and feelings were not heard. I used to yell a lot! However, once I realized years later that this was my body reaching out to me to learn how to be heard, I stopped yelling and started writing. I no longer deal with breathing issues now, unless I'm avoiding expressing my needs.

The Emotional Root of Disease

I wanted to know more about what my body was trying to tell me, so I made my list and looked up the emotional root of these diseases:

  • Bouts of bronchitis and coughing, plus lung issues as a teen

  • Ruptured ovarian cysts, endometriosis

  • Hives

  • Migraines

  • Weight gain

  • Joint pain

There are studies now examining the physical and emotional connections to disease. This of course was realized eons ago in civilized cultures. Hippocrates' doctrine believed the body contains within itself the power to re-balance and heal itself.

Find Out Your Mind-Body Connection to What's Ailing You

In Louise Hay's book, Heal The Body, she shares an extensive chart on the mind-body connection of disease. I also used various charts online to find one that I resonated with. These are ones you can try: