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Have You Thanked Your Earth Angels Today?

Yes, that's me in the sink shaving my legs! Thanks, Rich, because it brings me to this post. Photo credit: Rich Hill

So, what does shaving your legs in the sink have to do with thanking your Earth Angels? Well, first of all, I know many of us have done this, so I'm not going to apologize. I totally spaced shaving my legs that morning in the shower, or maybe just lazy, and I forgot we were going out on a date night later to sushi! Gotta primp for that !

Anyway, as I was smoothing on the shaving cream, it brought back a memory of when I was 14-years-old up in Cape Cod, and I was given my first lesson on shaving my legs. It got me thinking about all the people that have come into my life just when I needed them most. They were there to teach me something. I believe that people come into my life for a reason, a season, or life. Here are a few of the Earth Angels I'd like to thank today!

People come into our life for a reason, a season or life.

They Appear When You Need Help

So, the leg shaving thing is so small, yet made a lasting memory. We were up at our neighbor's new vacation home in Cape Cod; on our annual summer vacation jaunt, when Lori, and I were getting ready to hit the beach that morning. I considered her and her sisters my bonus sisters. Lori was so spunky and full of life. I watched with envy, and trepidation, as she filled the tub and glided her razor through the foam. I knew I needed to learn how, but I didn't have anyone to teach me. Lori, with her joi de vivre, grabbed my hand, plopped me down on the side of the tub and showed me how. It was a sister-bonding moment by that tub. The memory was so fleeting, but it reminded me that people come into our life for the most simplest of things.

They Become our Consultants, See the Best in Us When We Can't

I was walking to study hall in high school looking for my friends to go sit outside, when an armed grabbed me and rushed me to the girls' bathroom. It was Stephanie, another friend who takes life by the horns and runs with it. I was thinking my zipper was down, or I had something obscene in my hair by the look on her face, when she pointed me to the mirror. "I think it's time you start looking like a Freshman," she said. She opened up her backpack and pulled out her mascara. I started laughing because she was about to give me a beauty makeover at that moment! I could have been offended, however I wasn't. She was taking the time to show me something I had never thought of, and that was to bring out the best in me.

I remember looking into the mirror and seeing my eyes for the first time. As a strawberry blonde all of my life, my blonde lashes and eyes just disappear. I was shocked by the difference this little tweak did! She continued with lip gloss, and whatever else. The memory fades, but what it taught me was about how people can see the best in you, even if you can't. Surround yourself with those types of friends, and never let them go. Now, it doesn't mean to surround yourself with people that will always say, "yes" to you. It means they will be honest with you, too, even when you can't be. More on this in another blog, but I wanted to thank my Earth Angel, Steph for bringing out my outer beauty!

They Appear When You're Ready For Change

I have noticed over the years when I felt a shift in my path, a person would appear in my life when I was ready to make a change. It was a nudge at first, a random thought that began to circle in my head. These Earth Angels would appear when I needed that push to act on the thought, and it was always followed with a visceral response; that gut feeling, or goosebumps. I pay attention to goosebumps now, since they seemed to be a signpost to pay attention to what you're thinking. One angel came to me named Laura. We passed in the hallway at work, and it was only a four minute exchange, but it changed the course of my spiritual path forever. She recommended I read a book called, The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes, an intense read for sure, and a book that caused a shift in my heart to want more. There have been many books that have lit my path, but this was a chance read from someone that knew I was ready to take it on.

They Come to Teach Us Lessons

Other angels have appeared when necessary lessons needed learning. Rich came into my life when I felt whole. I was completely at ease with who I was and where I was going. We met serendipitously through a mutual friend whose life story I was going to write in Alaska. The woman and I met at a time I began screenwriting, and her story was incredible. However, things weren't meant to be, and I had to part ways with her. She taught me so much about having to accept some people aren't ready for change, and that fear and mental crisis can be a terrible vice on your dreams.

Another angel taught me that my Soul doesn't have a great, big hole in it, only to be filled by another person. I learned to stand up for myself, and that I was capable of becoming anything I set my mind to, and I did. Another angel taught me to honor myself with self-love and respect, and to never compromise on what I deserved when it came to love and relationships.

Yes, it was a random and simple act of shaving my legs, but it brought back just a few faces that have impacted me in so many ways. I hope in reading this, you had some Earth Angels pop into your mind. Be sure to thank them! Angels love gratitude, and it may open the door to meeting a new one today!

Have You Thanked Your Earth Angels Today?

1 Comment

Richard Hill
Apr 27, 2018

I know I have many Earth Angels that I have encountered over the years and have never thought of thanking them. A terrible oversight on my part. Thank you for this wonderful post and bringing this to my attention.

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