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Unlocking the Power of Intuitive Business Coaching: How Modern-Day Psychics Empower Entrepreneurs -Part 2

Discover the Benefits of Integrating Intuition into Your Business Strategy for Greater Success

By Deborah Holmén, Published in ILLUMINATION

Veronica Drake, dressed in a suit coat, leans against a building smiling
Intuitive Coach, Veronica Drake

Successful female entrepreneurs and professionals know that innovation helps them stay ahead of the competition. One strategy that is gaining popularity is seeking the guidance of contemporary psychics or intuitives. By embracing their insights and using them to their advantage, women gain an even greater edge in the fiercely competitive market. This intuitive coaching approach can help them make strategic decisions, tap into their intuition, and unlock their full potential to confidently achieve their goals.

No longer just tied to esoteric rituals, intuitives now offer practical business advantages. Their strong energy-reading capabilities can lead to valuable business foresight and decision-making support, guiding women in navigating business hurdles and encouraging them to make bold choices.

The New Breed of Business Coaches: The Intuitive Coach

One notable example of this new breed of psychic is intuitive business coach Veronica Drake. With her extraordinary gift as a master intuitive, Drake taps into a realm beyond the physical world, providing invaluable insights and guidance to her clients.

Her work helps individuals unlock their true potential and become the best personal and professional version of themselves. “The clients I’m meeting and talking with proudly and openly wear their intuition. They trust it. Although they are not always sure what it’s telling them, there is more receptivity to working with an intuitive coach.”

Imagine tapping into this wellspring of knowledge and wisdom when making critical business decisions. Drake’s mediumship skills can help entrepreneurs identify personal beliefs, avoid potential pitfalls, and align their ventures with their true purpose. By providing a spiritual perspective on personal and business matters, she assists her clients in cultivating success beyond mere financial gain.

“I begin with the platform of self-awareness. Because if you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know every nook and cranny and nuance of you and how you make decisions, and what limits you, you won’t be able to see the bigger picture.”

It is not just in the realm of business decisions that Drake’s gift proves invaluable. She also helps individuals navigate personal challenges, releasing emotional blockages that hinder personal growth and happiness.

At the heart of Veronica Drake’s coaching method is the powerful One Word quiz. This method prompts clients to reflect deeply on their thoughts and feelings about their business, distilling their goals and aspirations into a single word. This process forces clients to confront the essence of their ambitions, gaining valuable insight into what truly matters to them and what they should focus on moving forward.

Drake explains, “It’s a five-minute assessment. There’s nothing fancy schmancy about it. What I love about words is that they carry frequency, right? They carry energy. When you figure out your word, the process becomes, ‘Where do you feel it in your body?’ Then we go into that physical body, talk to and befriend it."

"Inevitably, words are attached to beliefs and memories of experiences. From there, I help them in a 90-minute session to find their North Star. This session helps them with their guidance system, peeling away and helping them through this unknown territory, and getting them to a space of trust within themselves.”

Through her intuitive coaching, Drake has assisted countless clients in overcoming obstacles, healing past traumas, and stepping into their authentic selves.

The impact of having a modern-day intuitive like Veronica Drake in our lives goes far beyond the individual realm. As more and more businesses embrace these unconventional practices, a shift is occurring in the corporate world. Companies recognize the importance of holistic decision-making, incorporating intuition and spiritual guidance into their strategies.

Ironically, most of Drake’s clients are psychotherapists, doctors, medical professionals, and business owners. “Many are leaving traditional medicine to pursue what they deem an energetic path of healing. They’re sick of the bureaucracy, red tape, and their hands being tied. They got into the profession of helping people, but the bureaucracy is holding them back. And, they are also well aware that there is way more available to us than meets the eye.”

Casual Veronica, smiling with a cup of coffee.
Veronica Drake gets real with her clients.

This shift toward a more intuitive and spiritually guided approach in business is yielding remarkable results. Leaders find that their decision-making becomes more aligned, creative, and impactful when they honor their intuition and connect with something larger than themselves. Employees are happier and more fulfilled, leading to increased productivity and a vibrant work culture.

The beauty of the modern-day psychic’s role in business is that it transcends the boundaries of traditional logic and rationality. It opens up new possibilities, encouraging innovation and vision. In a world where conformity and conventionality often stifle creativity, the psychic realm breathes fresh life into the business arena.

Veronica Drake and other intuitive mediums like her are at the forefront of this revolution. By harnessing their extraordinary abilities, they are bridging the gap between the spiritual and the material worlds, bringing profound transformations to individuals and businesses alike.

When individuals are faced with difficult decisions or crave a more profound connection to their work, they may consider seeking the assistance of a modern-day psychic. By embracing the potential beyond the mundane and stepping into a realm where creativity, intuition, and success intersect, individuals can unlock a new level of fulfillment and success in their personal and professional lives.


Know that the information provided in this article is intended for your general information only and is an expression of opinion–not to be construed as legal, medical, or psychological advice. Please seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider immediately if you have any questions regarding medical and psychological conditions or are experiencing symptoms.


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